Hong Kong never fails to cut a dash

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place that satisfies all the wanderlusts with places that are historic, amusing, playful, mystical, and musical. As a tourist you will be pleased to see the nature that brings joy and tranquility in life, the busy urban development adds value in lucrative businesses, amazing architectural spectacles in buildings, long stretching bridges, breathtaking skylines, and unforgettable authentic Cantonese food. Fly with Cathay Pacific to unwind and live worry-free.

The best things to do in Hong Kong are:

Star ferry: Right from the ’80s the star ferry stands as a famous attraction that Hong Kong beholds. The Victoria harbor is packed with many activities that add a refreshing breeze of the waters, wonderful scenic views of the green mountains that rise up surrounding the waters. Traveling from Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to Central gives a beautiful; glimpse of the landscapes that allow a perfect view of the urban and picturesque around the massive skyscrapers of Hong Kong. The ferry rides arrive every few minutes so you can enjoy the sail without worrying about a scheduled departure or arrival. The right timing can impress you with a splendid show of symphony of lights. The awe-inspiring laser beams lighting up 360 degrees are a memorable spectacle. The light strikes at the skyscrapers alongside the harbour mesmerizing every visitor with the attraction of the city giving a delightful feeling away from the noise and pollution of the metropolitan.

Victoria peak: Ride in the tram for an ultimate adventure to watch the most beautiful skyline of Hong Kong- the Peak. The Victoria peak is the only place that gives a scenic view of the surrounding areas. You can look at the opposite outlooks of Hong Kong- on one side it is a bustling metro with a fast-paced lifestyle, urbane culture and on the other side you find lush greenery, mountains, and amusing beaches. The peak has restaurants, galleria, shops, boutiques, and an observation deck.

Beaches: Hong Kong is blessed with an ample number of beaches that offer a serene escapade from the clamor of the city. The breezy beaches are an excellent antidote to the tiring, hectic lifestyles that we have. You can immerse yourself in the waters and bask in the sun with family and friends. Have a playful and adventurous time with water sports like surfing, boating, swimming etc. The spectacular golden-hued beaches are distinct yet all of them are close in proximity. Repulse Bay beach is an upscale, trendy beach with comfortable surroundings for the tourists. You can reach the beaches easily by MTR (metro), bus, or taxi. Some of the beaches in Lantau Island can be reached by beautiful ferry rides where the journey is as beautiful as the destination. Few of the beaches that set lush landscapes bookended by mountains are – Shek O Beach, Big Wave Bay, Cheung Sha Beach, Pui O Beach, Golden Beach.


One of the best places in the world for foodies to relish all kinds of food is Hong Kong. The country surprises the tourists with excellent cuisines from all over the world. It doesn’t fail in taste, authenticity, and richness. The paradise for food overwhelms the foodies with a great confusion of picking up the best from the plethora of mouth-watering dishes. Some of the must-try foods are:

Yum cha: If you are looking for a delightful meal and a menu loaded with interesting combinations of dimsums then this is the place to be. It elevates the taste with the socializing factor, some best foods that you can dig into are ‘ fung Zaau’ , ‘ngau tou’ which is braised beef, ‘fu pei gyun’ which is bean curd roll, ‘lo mai gai’ chicken sticky rice, ‘cherng fun’ rice noodle rolls.

Street food: It is not exaggerating to say that Hong Kong dominates the street food culture; it has luscious food on display which helps the tourists to point out the food easily in case they get confused with the names. The ones that top the list in street food are ‘gaa lei yu daan’ – curry fish balls, ‘ cau dau fu’ which stinky tofu or deep-fried fermented tofu, it has an amazing smell, crispy ‘Gai daan Zai’ and ‘gaak zai beng’ – egg waffles, ‘faan ke tung fun’ – tomato soup macaroni, Scrambled eggs etc. Find some best places in Dundas, St. Mongkok, Wan Chai- (near MTR Exit A4), sing Heung yuen – 2 Mee Lun St. Central, Lan Fong Yuen – 2 gage st. central, Australia Dairy company – 47 parkes St. Jordan , capital Café – 6 Heard st. Wan chai but be ready for the crowd!

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