The most beautiful beaches in Poland

beaches in Poland
Every year, the most beautiful beaches in Poland are visited by thousands of tourists who spend long hours sunbathing and swimming in the Baltic Sea. Each of us loves the time of holidays and this wonderful moment when we can finally enjoy the hot, golden sand on one of the coastal beaches. We feel blissful then, away from all the problems of everyday life, with a calm head, resting and listening to the sound of the sea waves. Polish beaches are famous for being clean and beautiful. All of them attract with their beauty both in summer and in colder seasons. Get inspired by the most beautiful beaches we have chosen and be sure to visit Polish sea with our Polish Travel Agency.


Łeba has long kilometres of clean, wide beaches, surrounded by forests and dunes. The beaches here are 20 to 30 metres wide. What distinguishes Łeba from other health resorts on the Baltic Sea is the largest complex of moving dunes in Europe under UNESCO protection as part of the Słowiński National Park. The highest of the moving dunes – Łącka Mountain – is 42 metres high. The beach in Łeba provides amazing views and great attractions for everyone.


National Geographic has placed this beach in one of its rankings of “10 most beautiful beaches in the world”. The beach attracts with soft sand and the vicinity of atmospheric campsites. It is 2 kilometres long, 60 kilometres wide and is located 200 metres from the center of the town. Entrances to the beach are surrounded by forests and dunes, 20 of them in total. This place is famous as a paradise for kite- and windsurfers. The shallow and calm waters of the Bay of Puck are a perfect place for practicing water sports.


The beach in Świnoujście has received the Blue Flag many times – a world distinction for clean and well-kept beaches. What attracts people to Świnoujście is the widest beach in Poland, stretching for 10 kilometres. The beach has a gentle, shallow descent to the sea and the highest water temperature in the entire Baltic Sea. In addition to the charms of the beach itself, you can admire as many as 44 islands here, for example by taking a boat trip. It is a perfect place also for people who like active leisure. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, Polish Travel Agency suggest, among others, water slides, trampolines, inflatable structures for children, renting a water scooter and playing beach volleyball on the prepared courts.


The beach in Trzęsacz is one of the most romantic beaches in Poland. All this is due to the high cliff, which is as tall as a five-story building, which extends about 40 metres wide and 2 kilometers long by the golden strip of the waterfront. Awarded with the Blue Flag several times, it attracts tourists looking for peace, quiet and unforgettable views. Trzęsacz is also famous for its unique monuments. There are ruins of a Gothic church built over 600 years ago. Currently, only one wall remains of the temple, located on the edge of the cliff. A small square and an observation deck have been built next to the wall, from where you can go down directly to the beach.


Międzyzdroje are famous not only for the summer Festival of Stars, but also for its great beaches, surrounded by high cliffs. In the summer season, clean water, fine, golden and hot sand attracts thousands of tourists. There is a pier right next to the beach, which offers a wonderful view of the city and the Baltic Sea. It is also a harbor for cruise ships sailing to Świnoujście and Germany. In Międzyzdroje there are, among others the famous Star Avenue (Promenada Gwiazd), the marina, the office of wax figures and the Bison Show Farm.

Krynica Morska

Located on the Vistula Spit, the beach in Krynica is very wide (approx. 50 metres), very clean (definitely one of the cleanest beaches on the Polish coast, it is cleaned daily) and very sunny (in July, the sun shines here on average for over 20 days! ). It is a dream come true for a perfect holiday at the seaside. On the beach in Krynica, you can find all kinds of attractions, from water slides to rentals of various types of equipment, ending with various cocktail bars by the beach. The descents to the beach are wheelchair accessible. In Krynica Morska, Polish Travel Agency also recommend visiting the lighthouse, which is the only such facility on the Vistula Spit.


Sopot has a multitude of attractions for tourists – from the Forest Opera through the famous “monciak”, Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, ending with the longest wooden pier in Europe. However, the biggest attraction is the beach in Sopot, where you can often meet celebrities basking in the sun. The beach is over 4 kilometers long and over 100 metres wide. It attracts sunbathing enthusiasts from all over the country and from abroad. The walking area of the beach is a beautiful route just behind the dunes, accessible to both pedestrians and cyclists, stretching along the entire length of the city along very interesting examples of Sopot spa architecture.q44bkglt3nhj6es.jpg

The most beautiful beaches in Poland – which one to choose?

You already know the most beautiful beaches in Poland. Which one do you like the most? When choosing a place for your vacation, follow your own preferences. It is also worth seeking advice from specialists who will help you choose the perfect place for you. One such trusted travel partner for your travels is a Polish travel agency ITS Poland. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, planning a trip will be pure pleasure, and holidays will be a great adventure.

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