The Best Hiking Trails in Lanzarote

Hiking Trails

When on holiday it is not always about the sandy beaches and the all-inclusive buffets, lying on your mat and enjoying the sun. There are many of us who just want to hike up a mountain or make a trip that offers something new, something you’ve never tried before. So in Lanzarote it would come as no surprise that the lunar plains and the vine hills under black and purple skies would be the perfect place to have such an experience. So we have comprised a list of such hiking routes that you can effortlessly complete when on this exquisite island. To find out more about the preparation advice you should follow before embarking on a hike, visit this website:

  • The first of these routes is the Caleta de Famara, a trip you can make on foot. With a length of 18.8 kilometers, you depart from Arrieta, right next to the seaside resort and pass through Lajero , La Pequena, Hermitage Las Nieves, Vega de San Jose and end up in Caleta de Famara.  We advise you to search for an acommodation that is close to the trails you want to take. A great lodging would be Optima Villa. Visit for further information.
  • Another on foot experience is the Caleta de Sebo- Montana Amarilla, where you depart from the Caleta de Sebo in the North of the island and follow this circular rute through the Montana Amarilla. There are many beautiful things to be seen like the beaches of El Salado or Los Franceses, the Amarilla Mountain and the Morro de la Carrera. It is of low difficulty and takes about 4 hours to complete if you take the time for breaks, picture taking and slow walking.
  • For those of you who are more adventurous, the Camino de Los Gracioseros would be better suited since it involves a climbing section of about an hour. You descend through a zigzagging trail starting in the village of Ye through the Famara Cliff and end at the Del Rio salt mines. If you are lucky you will see many bird life and endemic or protected species, it is truly a beautiful trip.
  • Another unique trail is the Haria- Bosquecillo route that ascends to the highest region of the island while passing through different agricultural areas. It is of medium difficulty with a length of 7.5 kilometers (which you can easily do in 4 hours, but it also depends if you enjoy making more stops on the way for pictures or drinks).

I would always choose such a hiking trip when I am in a new place because there is nothing like experiencing the town life in such a raw manner. The scenery is breathtaking and you will

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