San Diego: I came, I saw, I sailed

San Diego

As the leaves start to turn to shades of yellow and gold before making a graceful descent, there is a lull from all the frenetic summer activity, making the beautiful weather perfect when it comes to engaging in outdoor activities. San Diego is a wonderful city to live in, and you get to indulge in one of its best-kept secrets as Fall comes around by sailing on its waters with the breathtaking San Diego skyline in the background. Fun Cat Sailing with Captain Rod at the helm will be able to provide an unforgettable experience for those who would like to go on a whale watching adventure in San Diego on a catamaran boat.


The open sea has always proven to be an adventure which should be explored, and Captain Rod wants to share the wonders of marine life as you sail into the sunset on one of his catamaran boats. With more than 30 years of sailing experience under his belt, each ride on Captain Rod’s catamarans will be a comfortable one as he navigates through the waters to watch the antics of humpback whales, blue whales, killer whales, playful dolphins, and barking sea lions.

In fact, you will be able to capture wonderful memories of your sea excursion on a camera or smartphone, providing you with an unforgettable whale watching adventure. Captain Rod will ensure that you approach the pod of whales or school of dolphins in a quiet manner in order not to scare them away. This will allow them to swim gracefully in a natural manner without feeling threatened by your presence.

Of course, the kind of marine life that you can catch in action will depend on the season, and San Diego’s waters during the Fall would certainly not fail to excite both you and your guests on board.


Captain Rod and his team do not treat their guests like customers. They see them as friends instead. The warmth of their service is matched by the interior of their catamaran boats, where the cockpit remains protected against wind and rain. Sit back and relax as you take in some of our most famous views. Many people who have taken this tour have the unique experience of seeing humpback whales breaching from a distance. Should the weather and situation permit, you can always head out to the sunbathing nets to feel the spray of the ocean on your face.

The well trained and experienced crew on board are fueled by passion when it comes to sharing their knowledge on the marine life that inhabits the length and breadth of the San Diego coastline. Each trip will be guided by a seasoned Coast Guard Licensed Captain who has more than a quarter of a century’s worth of experience, which should provide you with added peace of mind as you set out for an excursion.

It does not matter if you are up for a spot of relaxing afternoon sailing in San Diego or want to inject a spark of romance into your marriage on a champagne sunset cruise. Perhaps you simply want an excuse just to get out on the water. No matter why you choose to go, Fun Cat Sailing will be able to fulfill those needs. You can choose from the Tigress or the Wind Drum for any of your future excursions. For the ladies who want something more special, Captain Rod is able to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate a bachelorette party on board, ensuring your social media posts afterward will result in a flurry of “Likes” and envious compliments.

The catamaran boat will be your temporary home throughout the trip, so feel free to make it that way. When you sail with Fun Cat Sailing, this is your time to recharge and reconnect with nature. Whenever you want to retire indoors for a quiet chat, the cozy cabin located below will be well equipped with a bathroom, twin berths for some relaxing moments, and a galley to lounge about. Fun Cat Sailing ensures that no more than 6 guests are on board each scheduled sails to ensure maximum privacy, so feel free to bring along your family members or your closest friends.

Fun Cat Sailing would like to educate their customers as part of the conservation process and hope that as you step off their catamaran boat at the end of the cool, autumn evening, you will walk away from the San Diego sailing tour experience for the richer. Renew your love for the ocean, and all that inhabit its waters below!

Fun Cat Sailing will set sail daily from 1:00pm to 4:30pm at $85.00 per pax. This price will include some light snacks and drinks.

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