Walk Through Europe For Your Health and Enjoyment

Walk Through Europe

Europe is one of the most diverse and scenic continents on Earth, with many rich cultures and locales awash with things to do. If you are interested in a European holiday, then your biggest question may be where you should go and what you should do when you get there. The question you might not have thought to ask, though, is this: how will you get from place to place while in Europe? Renting cars and taking trains are certainly common means of transit, but the best way to tour Europe is actually by walking!

The Sights of Europe: There are far too many places in Europe for you to visit in a day, and yet they are all worth visiting when you have the time. The rushing cities of Europe are vibrant beacons of human achievement, while the pastoral countryside regions are quiet reminders of the beauty of the simple things in life.

As a region with centuries of exciting history, visiting all of Europe in a short period of time is practically impossible. Some people certainly try to go on condensed Euro trips that hit all of the most popular tourist stops along the way. They may spend a night in Paris, another night in Rome, and then make their way to London before the week is out. While this does show off the main cities of certain areas in Europe, they miss countless other sights, sounds and cultures along the way. A more relaxed pace allows you to see all that there is to see in Europe, and there is no pace more relaxed than what you’ll find on walking holidays in Europe.

The Joy of Walking: Taking a holiday in which you walk around Europe has several clear advantages over the more traditional means of conveyance. For one, you will be in complete control of where you go. When you are choosing where you want to walk, you will not be beholden to the prescribed train track routes or the major roads in a region. If you want to stop to explore a small town or even a forest, you will be free to do so; you are the master of your itinerary, and you can choose exactly what it is that you want and don’t want to do along the way.

Another benefit of walking is the fitness you will enjoy along the way. As long as your mobility is good—and your baseline fitness allows for hours of walking for several days in a row—then walking holidays will only serve to enhance your overall fitness. Whether you choose to stroll through the Italian countryside, explore the cliffs of Dover or just visit England’s small hamlets, your muscles will grow stronger by the day.

When you decide to plan your next holiday in Europe, be sure to consider walking, rather than flying or taking a train, to get from point A to point B. Not only will your body thank you, but you will enjoy limitless freedom and satisfaction along the way.

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