What to Look For in a Hens Night Venue

Hens Night Venue

This is the one time when the girls can literally do what they please, and if you want your hens night to be one that is remembered for all the right reasons, your choice of venue is critical. The event organiser should really take their time over the venue selection, as this pretty much defines the fun value the group will experience, and if this role is yours, here are some important points to bear in mind.

  • Central Location – The average hens night gathering involves girls meeting up at a certain point, and wherever you choose that to be, it should be centrally located. If you are looking to plan the ultimate hens night in Melbourne, you are spoiled for choice, with state of the art venues that regularly host hens get togethers, and with their considerable resources and experience, you can simply choose one of the many packages they have on offer.
  • Lay on Transport – A hens night is definitely one of those “leave the car at home” affairs, and if the budget stretches that far, why not hire a party bus? That will put everyone in the mood and the party can continue on the way home. Failing that, draw lots to see who will be the designated driver and hire a people carrier, which will ensure that everyone arrives home safe and sound.
  • Surpise the Lucky Girl – No hens night would be complete without a few raunchy surprises, and with party event organisers who can be found online, you can arrange for male strippers (or a range of other live entertainment packages) to show up out of the blue. The bride to be is always the star of this show, and knowing her as you do, you’ll be able to come up with something that she’ll remember forever. If you’re lacking in ideas, the venue manager would be very experienced regarding hens night entertainment, and they would have all the contact numbers for top notch entertainment.
  • Affordability – While you want to be sure that everyone has a ball, it shouldn’t be overpriced, and by dealing with an established venue that hosts hens nights on a regular basis, you can choose from a range of packages. Typically, all of the participants will happily chip in for the cost, and the more girls there are the more scope you have. As the event organiser, it is your duty to get good value for money, and there’s nothing wrong with shopping around, especially if you live in a city, as there will be many suitable venues available.

Online solutions will take the legwork out of your venue search, and don’t be afraid to negotiate a little, as there is always a little room for manoeuvre, and by booking well in advance, you can likely secure a real bargain.

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