Want to explore North Indian delicacies in Bangalore? Visit these restaurants


Every cuisine has a unique flavour and a charm of its own. And if it’s North Indian cuisine, then undoubtedly, it will be rich in spices and taste will make you crave more with every bite. So, if you love North Indian cuisines just as much as I do, you can savour some of the best from the restaurants of Bangalore. Yes, you heard me right! In case you know the city only for its South Indian cuisine, it also boasts eateries offering delectable dishes and combos from the North Indian delicacies. I know, you must be thinking if it is worth the try. Well, from my personal experience, I can assure you, you will fall in love with the taste.

Even though I am a resident of Mumbai, I have to travel to Bangalore frequently to attend a couple of meetings from that branch. So, last year, when I went for the meeting, I wanted to try something different than the South Indian cuisine for my dinner, so I opted for a North Indian thali in a famous eatery in the city. It was so good that I decided to explore the other famous eateries as well. So, on my last trip, I explored all the renowned restaurants at my own pace. I booked a flight for myself from an array of Mumbai to Bangalore flights available online and then made my way to the city’s best restaurants that served delectable North Indian dishes. Below are some amazing venues that I checked out.

Shareef Bhai

Shareef Bhai is a chain of thoughtfully decorated restaurants in Bangalore. This place is the first among the eateries I had visited in the city. Dim lights in dome lanterns, intricately designed walls, doors and tables, and an eclectic colour theme of gold and black is bound to transport you to the era of the Jahanpanas. The Mughals have left us with a palette of lip-smacking dishes and this is exactly what the restaurant focuses upon. Shareef Bhai seldom remains empty and the bigger crowd comes in during dinner time. If you happen to visit this place, make sure to try out their starters, the speciality being Patthar Gosh that is prepared with mutton cooked on stone. Their variations of Biryanis will also leave you awe-struck with its remarkable taste. To satisfy your sweet tooth, do not miss out on their Halwa Poori and of course, Phirni.


This is one of those gems which you might not find visually pleasing but once you ignore all that and focus on the food, you are in for a ride. Pashto at Residency Road is a small eatery with a decent seating area that serves heavenly North Indian food. Each dish is prepared with great care and is bound to leave an impression on your taste buds. What is even better is that while the options for non-vegetarian food are unlimited, vegetarian options don’t lag behind. The vegetarian Sabzi Dum Biryani is one of their most admired delicacies and you must give it a try even if you are a non-vegetarian. Apart from this, it also serves our all-time favourites – Butter Chicken and Mutton Roganjosh served with Murgh Dum Biryani or a range of flatbreads.

Moti Mahal Deluxe

I could not have afforded to miss out on this place. This outlet of Moti Mahal at HSR in Bangalore is a renovated one and serves elite yet delicious dishes to satiate the cravings. Some of their specialities include the Galouti Kebab, Lehsuni Kebab and the Dahi Jhinga Kebab from their Kebab platter. However, Butter Chicken being their signature dish, you cannot miss out on this delicacy along with Garlic Naan. The ambience is a beautiful one, mostly designed in the theme of red and white. A host of utterly hospitable staff takes care of every need of yours while the exceptionally trained chefs take care of your hunger pangs. This place is ideal for family and official dinners as well as for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Gufha-The President Hotel

Gufha at The President Hotel is an exotic North Indian joint serving some of the cuisine’s best delicacies. While the rates are slightly on the higher side, the taste and quality of food will leave you satisfied. The decor of the restaurant has been thoughtfully designed, employing props of tiger-print upholstery, dimmed yellow lights and traditional utensils for you to have your food in a good setting. Gufha corresponds to its name and upon entering the place, you will get the feel of entering a cave. So, the setting will give you chills while you consume your favourite meal. This place is ideal for family get-togethers, birthday parties as well as themed parties. However, if you are planning for a romantic dinner with your partner or a solo dinner, Gufha is an ideal choice for the execution of these plans. Since the tables are almost always occupied with customers, book a table well beforehand to avoid returning from the restaurant disappointed. 

So, these are some of the best places where you can satiate your hunger pangs for heavenly North Indian cuisine. Abide by the list above and come to these incredible restaurants to savour some of the best North Indian dishes that Bangalore has to offer.

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