Must See Places in India once in your Lifetime

Places in India
  1. New Delhi

The capital of India and a place that is hard to miss when planning a tour of the northern part of the country, as it is the main transport hub. The city is huge, jammed and very tiring. In the capital there is no shortage of attractions, while the greatest culture shock awaits in Old Delhi, where it has the impression that time has gone back several centuries.

  • Golden Temple, Amritsar

The city, to which you can fly from New Delhi, is in the state of Punjab and is best known for the Golden Temple here – the main object of Sikh worship. Even though the city itself does not have much to offer, the temple is one of the most magical places I’ve been to in Asia. It is a place where the follower of every religion will find shelter and food. Near Amritsar, in the town of Atari, there is a border crossing to Pakistan, where the famous spectacular ceremony of closing the border takes place every day.

  • Rat Temple, Bikaner

The city of Bikaner is not very interesting, but here is the famous temple – Karmi Mata, which showed in her program. Of course there is a mandatory condition – you can not be afraid of rats, because there are a lot of them there and they run freely around the visitors. In every temple, also in this need to take photos of shoes, so we recommend taking socks, so as not to walk barefoot on the rat droppings. In addition to the temple in Bikaner there is a Junagrah fort and a small old town, but you will see such places in India, they are not particularly special. The temples are small but unique, but they do not make any staggering impression. You have to decide for yourself if it is interesting enough for you and you have enough time to stop there.

  • Jodhpur, Blue city

In my opinion, this is a unique place and you must definitely visit it by doing a tour around northern India. A walk along the streets in the midst of blue walls will be an attraction not only for photographers. Above the city is the unusual Mehrangarh fort, which is visited by an audio guide. The view from both the fort on the city and from the city on the fort is delightful. Old star heart is a clock tower around which there are numerous stalls, shops and various services. A few kilometers from Jodhpur there is a forgotten capital of former rulers – Mandore, where you will find not only beautiful nature and architecture, but also a large group of monkeys that you can see through Palace on Wheels India.

  • Marble Temple, Ranakpur

Ranakpur is off the beaten track and it is best to go there for a day trip from Udaipur. The Jain temple (dzinijska) is made of light marble, and its precise lace finish will surely impress you.

  • Kumbhalgarh Fort, The second largest after the Great Chinese Wall

There is not much information on the internet about this place, but it is a must if you plan to visit Ranakpur. Only an hour from the marble temple stretches a huge wall, with an amazing view and not entirely known history, at least in the beginning of the fort’s existence. If you do not plan to go to China, this is the second largest wall and also impressive!

  • Udaipur, City of Lakes

Udajpur is a place often visited by tourists – remember, however, that in India the term “tourist” has nothing to do with using the same phrase in relation to eg Thailand or Vietnam. This means that you will not be the only white people in the area, but do not expect crowds. Pleasant lake, beautiful views from the surrounding hills make it a good place to breathe a little. It is worth going on a cruise on the lake or spend time watching the sunset in a restaurant with a view.

  • Pushkar, The Most Sacred City of Rajasthan

A small place where there really is not much to see. However, this is one of the places endowed with worship, so if you like such atmosphere, you can spend a day or two here. It is worth knowing that there is a prohibition here and you can not officially consume alcohol, drugs or eat meat. We recommend people who value peace and have enough time while traveling to add this place to their plan.

  • Jaipur, The capital of Rajasthan

A large and interesting city that is definitely worth a visit. Vegetable fair, stands in spices, all among low, neglected buildings. Do not expect skyscrapers or restaurant facilities like in Delhi. The hotel base is good, but what amount of people you can see here living on the street is quite scary. However, he does not want to discourage anyone, because it is a place worth visiting, even a visit!

There are many attractions here:

The famous City Palace, Amber Fort or the most famous temple of monkeys located behind the hill. The city has a pink shade due to the color of the building. It may be a bit tiring, but you will not be bored.

  1. Orchha, A Charming Village at the end of the World

A small village with a number of monuments for such a small town. They have their own climate, but there is not much to see. It is worth spending some time on the river, and you will see how the local doing laundry or brushing your teeth with a stick. Here you will also see many vultures flying around old temples and ruins. You can visit Orchha if you have time and you like peace.

  1. Khajuraho, Temples with Erotic Decorations

The UNESCO-listed temples in Khajuraho are often visited by tourists. It used to have as many as 100 temples, today about 20, but they make a big impression. However, it must be taken into account that this is a very neat place with a perfectly cut lawn. If someone likes wilderness and adventure, then here he will not feel like in the movie Indiana Jones. Also pay attention to the trains that go only on certain days of the week!

  1. Varanasi, The Holy City on the Ganges

One of the most controversial places in India. This place attracts pilgrims from all over the country to wash in the holy river Ganges, the elders to die here and experience salvation.

It is here that the famous ghat (stairs to the river) are located, where you will see burning piles of the day, from which the ashes go to the Ganges. It is worth wandering around the narrow streets of the old town, visit the numerous temples and take a boat on the Ganges. The atmosphere of this place, regardless of whether in your opinion, positive, negative, or both will definitely remain in your memory for a long time. This is one of the oldest cities in the world, and a visit in it will strongly affect your worldview.

  1. Calcutta, City ​​of Mother Teresa

Kolkata is a fairly young city. It was founded by the British during colonial times. Only here are still pedestrian rickshaws, pulled by usually bare rikszarzy. Poverty that can be seen on the streets is unimaginable, and the most frightening experience of this poverty is the impressive colonial architecture. The British have created a truly beautiful city that has been completely abandoned and neglected. Monuments that are worth visiting are still impressive, but for some you can also see makeshift tents, and huge dumpsters in beautiful courtyards. The climate gives the city yellow antique taxis, but still get ready for a culture shock. A place for brave travelers who are immune to the so-called dirt, stench and poverty.

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