Make your Next Road Trip a Camping Adventure

Camping Adventure

One summer my girlfriend and I decided it was time to get out and see the world together. Both being freelancers, we don’t have the riches it takes to go on a fancy trip to Paris or a Tropical getaway to Fiji. With a little money set aside, we decided to put it towards an awesome two-week road trip.

Neither of us are the touristy type so we wanted to find something unique to appreciate. Both being lovers of wilderness adventure, we decided that camping would not only be economical but super enjoyable thing to center our trip around.

After the fantastic time we had, I do not just recommend but insist that when planning your next road trip stay at campgrounds instead of hotels. Just so you know how great of an option this is, I want to share some of the reasons you should going camping on your next road trip.

You Can Be More Spontaneous

It is hard to be spur of the moment when you have to plan your trip around hotel reservations. Utilizing campgrounds allows you to decide what to do and where to go as you please. While some campgrounds may require a reservation, if you avoid traveling on holidays then you’ll likely be able to find place if you call ahead.

Planning a trip around spontaneity is pretty easy if you have a smartphone. Since my girlfriend and I have different service providers we got coverage almost everywhere. Thanks to 3G we were easily able to look up national parks and decide our next move. It was a freeing experience to not be weighed down by the pressure of plans and destinations, to just go with the flow.

You Will Avoid Tourist Traps

We’ve all been on those novelty family vacations, where we take tours, visit theme parks, and stay at bed and breakfasts. That can get old after a while but you might feel at a loss for what to do. If a campground is your base camp, you will likely have access to tons of cool hikes, nature centers, opportunities for bird watching, and stargazing.

Being the nature lovers we are, my girlfriend and I decided to plan a two-night backpacking excursion. We were initially hesitant to bring our backpacking gear, fearing it would take up too much space. After looking into some top rated backpacks , we found that there we could fit most of our gear in them and there was plenty of space left in the car for other stuff.

Your Bank Account Will be Happy

With the cost of gas being as high as it is these days, don’t add to the expense of your trip by staying in hotels. Campgrounds are always super cheap, if not free. And if you do have to pay a fee it will go toward park maintenance and wilderness preservation.

Obviously two weeks traveling from forest to desert to beach without hot showers or a bed might be a little gnarly. Even though we stayed at campgrounds the majority of the trip, there were a few times we splurged and got a hotel. As the two weeks came to an end we realized how much money we saved and decided get a Jacuzzi Suite for the last few days of our trip.

After having this experience, I don’t think I’ll ever look at traveling the same again. Whether you are single, couple, or family, try including camping on your next trip.


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