List Of Interesting Bogor Tourist Attractions, Recommended!


Bogor Jakarta is an interesting city to be considered as a tourist destination because it has many exciting tourist attractions ranging from beautiful natural attractions to educational tours. This City of Rain does offer exotic natural beauty with cool air.

There are many tourist attractions that you must visit while on vacation in this city, not only the Puncak area. Here is a full review to find interesting tourist attractions in Bogor and its surroundings.

List of Interesting Bogor Tourist Attractions to Visit

Holidays are the best time for gathering and recreation with family. Bogor can be your choice for this precious moment! Several tourist attractions around Bogor are interesting to visit, including the following.

1. Curug Cikuluwung

Curug Cikuluwung is an interesting tourist destination to visit while on vacation in Bogor. This natural tourist attraction gets the nickname Little Green Canyon because it presents a natural charm similar to the Green Canyon tourist attraction in Pangandaran.

Here, tourists can enjoy clean and clear pool water and exotic natural views in the form of giant stone walls. In addition to playing in the water, this tourist attraction also has many interesting spots for photo hunting.

2. Mount Pancar Nature Tourism Park

Another recommended tourist attraction around Bogor is Mount Pancar Nature Park. This natural tourist attraction is indeed a favourite choice of tourists because it presents beautiful natural scenery with cool and refreshing air.

In this tourist attraction, tourists will be spoiled with the charm of a beautiful pine forest. In addition, this tourist area also has hot springs that you must try.

3. Giri Jaya Deer Reserve

The Giri Jaya Deer Reserve is also a must-visit tourist attraction while on vacation to Bogor. In this captivity, tourists can see various types of deer, such as Java Deer, Bawean Deer, and Cheetal Deer.

The visitor will be invited to interact directly with the existing deer while enjoying the beautiful natural beauty of this tourist attraction. Not only that, but this tourist attraction also provides outbound and camping facilities.

4. Lake Saat

Another interesting tourist spot that you must visit while on vacation in the Bogor area is Lake Saat. The lake, which is hidden among tea gardens, presents a very beautiful and beautiful natural scenery.

Because it is still relatively new and rarely visited, this lake has clear water and refreshing cool air. For tourists who like to hunt for photos, this lake is highly recommended because it has many good and instagramable photo spots.

5. Ade Irma Suryani Park

Ade Irma Suryani Park or Hat Park (Taman Topi) is a tourist spot that many tourists visit. This popular place that has been operating for decades provides a variety of interesting rides to try, such as water boats, bumper cars, and others.

Some recommendations for tourist attractions above can be a reference for those who want to vacation in Bogor Indonesia and its surroundings. Bogor is the best choice for tourists who wish to unwind with beautiful natural scenery and cool air.

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