How To Choose An Extended Stay Suite For You?

extended stay

Recreational stays at any hotel last for a few days. But there are other reasons which require you to stay at a place for long, even sometimes for a few months. Some of these reasons are research, business, or interviews. Finding a hotel to support your extended stay at the same place might prove to be difficult for you if you do not know about the facilities that you need to search for. Here are a few considerations that you have to make before choosing the right extended stay suite for you.

Extended stays must be cheaper than the normal hotel room rents

In general, hotel rooms rented for a few days are costlier than the extended stays. The hotels know that they can do business with you for a lesser period, and therefore, they charge higher. However, for extended stays, the charge of the suite per day will be lower, since, at the end of the stay, your amount will automatically increase. If your hotel of choice charges you the same amount per day like any other normal stay rooms, you must check for other hotels for extended stays.

Must have a kitchen facility

Since you are going to stay at a place for an extended time, you will incur a lot of costs during the entire stay. Along with the hotel cost, you might have to pay the travel cost, general living cost, which will add up to your bills. As a result, you will like to cut down the cost wherever you can. A big amount that makes up your total bill is the food cost. If you eat at restaurants all day long, then your total bill will rise a lot. Therefore, you might want to cut down the cost by cooking the food yourself. Check for extended-stay suites that have kitchen facilities. That will enable you to cook your own food, and all you need to do is to buy the raw materials from the market. You will also have the freedom to eat whatever you want.

Must have Cable TV free WIFI

You normally go for extended stays when you have some business meetings to attend. You need to prepare a lot for such meetings, and also have to keep yourself updated every day for every market variation. For that, you need to check the news every day or look into the different websites related to your business. Your hotel suite must provide you with the necessary cable TV and a continuous WIFI connection so that you can check the news every time. This will help you to be updated and also prepare your plans for the next business meeting.

These are some of the common requirements in any extended stay suites. If you are looking for some in North Carolina, then Apartment Hotel Near Catawba Science Center – Hickory Hotel is one of the best buys for you. They have all the required commodities and even allow your pets inside. If you find any hotel that provides similar amenities, then you must go for such extended stay suites.

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