How Safe Is Your Hacienda? Tourist-Directed Crimes and How Not To Be a Victim


Unfortunately, travellers and tourists tend to be direct targets of criminals in foreign countries. A vacation should be a worry-free time, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo taking precautions. To make sure that, in case of an accident, you are covered for at least some of your losses, consider taking out travel insurance – but make sure you read the fine print about what coverage you actually get. AXA PPP International is one of many U.K.-based insurance companies offering travel insurance that covers not only loss but trip delay, medical emergencies and more.
And if you don’t want to be a victim in the first place, check out these tips.

Bag snatching:
It’s fairly easy to take someone’s purse or backpack when the person is engrossed in their surroundings and taking pictures. To avoid being the victim, make sure to stay alert of your surroundings. If possible, try stashing money in your socks or shoes or purchase a fanny pack and put your essentials in it. Some people like to flip their backpack toward the front, but that can be an indication to thieves that you’re carrying something valuable (rather than a bottle of water and a sweater). For women, since purses are the most popular among criminals, consider walking with another person.

Kidnappings are an unfortunate problem in South American countries. To avoid being the target of a kidnapping, it’s best to avoid wearing flashy, expensive-looking clothing and jewellery. If possible, walk with another person when going through busy cities, and obviously avoid walking in dark alleys at night. When pulled over by the police, insist on seeing identification and try to verify its legitimacy.

Fraud and identity theft: I
dentity theft is a terrible problem, and travellers are usually the intended target. Using money instead of credit cards is a better option. Avoid giving your personal information when possible or leaving your passport. Be wary of internet cafes.

To avoid being the victim of a robbery, learn about and avoid high-crime areas. When walking alone, make yourself appear confident, not afraid and weak. Crooks tend target people who look afraid. Carrying pepper spray and a pocket knife is also advised, if you know how to use them – otherwise, they will be used against you. Avoid drawing attention to yourself by keeping a low profile. Being aware of those around you is also important. And never leave valuables in a vehicle.



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