Go For An Exclusive Vacation At Dubbo City

Dubbo City Macquarie River

One of the most exciting destinations in Australia is the Dubbo city. It is said to be the home of adventure, offbeat location and interesting things to do. From exploring places of historical importance to adventure sports, Dubbo is a city to cherish forever. No matter what type of a traveller you are, you will always find something to make you feel great in this destination.

Here is how Dubbo can make your vacation fantastic.

Historical Site

Old Dubbo Gaol is the famous tourist spot that has historical importance. It is one of the first buildings that was constructed in the new town. It has courthouse and lockup. It was constructed for carrying out the death penalty for serious crimes. It was closed in the year 1966 and was later reopened in the year 1974 for tourists to visit. One can see the cells and tour around the place at night for a chilling experience.

Great Accommodation

There are various types of accommodation Dubbo. You can find a suitable place to stay as per your budget and luxury level. Comfortable hotels, bed-n-breakfast and resorts are available to make your trip memorable. Make sure you check the details of the hotel you book to understand the room amenities, facilities and other benefits you will get.

Finest Food

Authentic Australian cuisine and Dubbo city is the perfect combination. From street food stalls to fine dining restaurants, Dubbo has something interesting to offer to the foodies. If you love great food at an affordable rate, Dubbo is your place.

Reserve And Grooves

To experience the aboriginal culture and history you can visit the reserve where you will see the land of aboriginal gatherings. You will also find more than 150 rock grooves that were actually used by the tribals for cutting and sharpening tools. This place holds mystery, stories and beautiful aura of nature that you cannot forget.

Dubbo Observatory

Do you feel like exploring the sky? Then Dubbo Observatory is for you. If you book a tour at this observatory, you will be able to learn a lot of astronomical information from the expert Peter Starr. This place has Australia’s largest telescope through which you can see the constellations, planets and the magical sky. This place is very informative, enriching and exciting too.

For Water Lovers

You can go for kayaking or paddle boards in the serene Macquarie River. Rent a kayak for two and enjoy a romantic water time for one, two or more hours. The duration limit is eight hours maximum. Along with this person looking for fishing can rent a fishing rod, tackle box and carry out their fun time. The sight around the river is peaceful and something to remember forever.

Dubbo city is famous for more than one reason. It is a place that gives you those warm and cozy feelings. You can never get bored or feel lonely at Dubbo, even if you are a solo traveller. Once you decide to spend your holidays at the Dubbo city make sure you learn well about the budget, types of accommodation Dubbo, food, cafe, pubs and other things that would make your journey complete. Love vacation? Dubbo is your place this season.


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