10 Interesting Things To Do In Delhi For Free

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Delhi the capital of India is known as a very hep and expensive city to live in not to mention the polluted skies and traffic it is famous for everywhere. But little do people know that this busy and ever expanding city has some really good nature friendly that are old and still well preserved. Visitors can get peace of mind while they take in a whole amount of natural surroundings. As summer is coming near, Delhi also makes one of the Best Summer Getaways in India too. The best part is that, and most importantly for many – Its FREE.

This are the 10 Interesting Things To Do In Delhi For Free.

  1. Bird Watching at Okhla Bird Sanctuary

This city has one of the largest bird regions in the world and there is nothing better to start your day with the chirping sounds of birds while you enjoy the right amount of daylight and mist at sunrise.

  1. Nature walk at Jahanpanah Forests

This is another great way to start your day especially on a hot summer morning to get the cool air. This massive jungles spread across 800 acres also has a jogging trail so you can have a nature walk or jog. Do not travel too much into the forests.

  1. Explore the Hauz Khas Complex

This is one of the best ways to learn about the history of the national capital by going to Hauz Khaz Enclave near South Delhi. Look out for the oldest water tank, tomb of Feroz Shah, and head northwards to go shopping at the famous Hauz Khas Market. Relax at the ruins on a hot afternoon or evening and view the Hauz Khas Fort and famous Deer Park.

  1. Shopping at famous Shopping Zones

The Janpath and Sarojini Nagar are crowd pullers and if you visit Delhi even once you have to check them out. If you did not read it here then somebody must have told you to shop around these markets. It is a shopper’s paradise as you get a wide variety at unbelievably low prices. Some stalls open till 9pm at night.

  1. National Gallery of Modern Art

This place demands at least one day’s time to go over the art collection of around 14,000 pieces of art. This is a great place to check out work of art from debut artists to the words of oldest personalities such as Rabindranath Tagore. It is fully air-conditioned so yo do not have to worry about hotter days.

  1. Read Books at a Free Book Cafe

If you are a book worm and you’re hard to find quiet time for yourself then head to one of Delhi’s many places where you can read and eat. Flip through your favorites and if you like a book buy one. You can also order a coffee and have a pleasant time alone to escape the scorching sun as they are air-conditioned and you get the aroma of course.

  1. Stroll around the Lodhi Gardens

This is another place if you love to read your books or have some ‘me’ time alone. There are many residents to frequent the park on weekends. It is situated between the Safdarjng Tombs and Khan Market. It is spread across 90 acres and you can stroll along the park for a quiet time in the evening breeze. You can also spot many ancient monuments of history and the park is open till 8 pm at night.

  1. Bicycle Ride through Delhi / Gurgaon

This is one of the best ways to explore Delhi in a non-polluted way – on a bicycle. It is not only an exciting and adventurous drive but this way you get to do it at your own pace. All you need is your cycling gear, sturdy bicycle, and a water bottle. There are also groups such as Pedal Yatri who encourage bicycling enthusiasts to share cycling experiences on social media. Plan your trip to India and take the Palace on Wheels luxury train which starts and end their journey from Delhi covers various regions of India.

  1. Participate in Car Free Raahgiri Day

One day of the week is dedicated to no smoke from cars on this Raahgiri day, an initiative by citizens of Delhi in the Connaught Place Inner Circle. The street event has many activities such as Zumba, Yoga, and Aerobics. The place for such a car free zone starts early in the morning by 5.30 am.

  1. Go for a Qawwali Session at Evening

There is diversity in Delhi’s culture from Sunday service to the Qawwali session at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah. Experience the authentic Qawwali sessions at this place which is already a trending place with Bollywood. Enjoy the evening breeze under the open sky listening to soul stirring ancient Qawwali sessions that start at 6 pm.

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